Colors in Our Food and Their Benefits


Red and Pink

Red fruits and vegetables contain lycopene which promotes colon health.
Berries are a great for our immune system and have a antiviral and antibacterial quality.
Provides protection against cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Yellow and Orange

Carotenoids provides our bodies with Vitamin A which is essential for eyes and skin.
Food that are rich in the orange color are to reduce certain cancers, immunity and bone health.

Lutein is the component for a healthy vision and cancer preventative.

Purple and Blue
Flavonoids promote heart health and aid circulatory system.
Improves a healthy urinary tract and improves memory and ageing.
Protects our bodies against inflammation.

Phytonutrients which kills harmful bacteria and protect the capillaries.
Mushrooms and cauliflower protect against heart disease, digestive and obesity.
Oats and flaxseed help to lower cholesterol and balances our hormones.