Relaxing massage

Relaxing Massage works deeply using Neuromuscular techniques to unwind tension knots and release lactic acidifier exercise with European Effleurage to balance energy flow Kneading to encourage detoxification and Lymphatic Drainage to remove fluid retention.
25 minutes for $60
55 minutes for $120
80 minutes for $160

Sports Massage

A Deep and Stretching Massage to balance and remove lactic acid from the body. We will work deeply to release tension knots and restore harmony.
25 minutes for $70
55 minutes for $140
80 minutes for $180

Aromatherapy Massage

An energy balancing massage with essential oils, both calming and uplift includes Pressure Points to Balance and energize with Lymphatic Drainage to slenderize and remove toxins from the body. This head to toe complete treatment can be used to treat specific conditions and hormonal imbalances.
60 minutes for $140
80 minutes for $180


This indulgent Foot Treatment is great for anyone who is on their feet daily. It entails a welcoming foot cleanse with warm towels and a lovely essential oil been. Thumb pressure is used along the feet to stimulate the reflex points relating to different areas on the body relieving any stress and improving energy flow.
25 minutes for $70
55 minutes for $140

Pregnancy Massage

A safe and relaxing massage treatment to work on any areas that concern you during pregnancy but after the first trimester. Using a THALGO rich balm to help the elasticity of the skin.
30 minutes for $60
50 minutes for $120

“La Stone Therapy” Hot Rock Massage

This Native American Ritual of using Hot Lava Rocks was originally used by the Indians on the river banks. Our Hot Rocks are used to work deeply, melting away tension of sore and aching muscles. Essential oils are lavished over the skin and Pressure points help balance the body. We also offer a double handed Hot Rock Treatment to optimize the flow This treatment is deeply relaxing and balancing.
with 2 Therapists
50 minutes for $250
with 1 Therapist
90 minutes for $200