screen-shot-2016-10-10-at-1-52-47-pm Feel Good Studio is the new Toning and Rejuvenating centre in Hamilton. Located over Vineyard Vines and opposite the ferry terminal on Front Street. Feel Good Studio is a members club which offers a light and bright place to unwind and rejuvenate and get into shape. We have members aged from 12 years to 88 years! You will be personally assisted by the happy and capable team including; Caroline Bartlett our Beauty Therapist and Fitness Instructor. Diana Fearis our Powertone Pilates Instructor and Kyria Evan our Powertone Pilates Instructor and Yoga Coach. Feel Good Studio is good for everyone with a clientele including young mothers who like to come after dropping off the children to School. The program aims to keep them in shape while giving them an opportunity to relax and plan their day. Powertone Pilates is safe throughout pregnancy and helps to bring back the core after child birth and caesarean section. Meanwhile, busy executives can unwind mentally while the toning tables pull their posture back and relax away tension. For the active members Powertone Pilates brings balance to the body with stretch and mobility to improve their performance at golf, swimming and tennis and complimenting sports such as combat training. With our expert assistance Powertone Pilates is safe to get you back into shape after surgeries as the toning beds keep your back and neck in perfect alignment throughout and actually complete the movement so you can concentrate on breathing and holding in your core. The rhythmic motion of the toning tables was developed in the 1930’s by Bernhard H Strafer to help polio sufferers maintain muscle mass. Today we are living longer and want to improve the quality of life so for the mature members Powertone Pilates is a smart choice with so many benefits including mobility, improved bone density, toning and pain relief and yet no sweat so it can be enjoyable and sociable too! It is very successful at easing pain in the hips, back and neck while slimming the body. Powertone Pilates is an encouraging form of gentle exercise for those who do not have the stamina or will power for exercise or sport and is very enjoyable with the machines doing most of the work along a circuit allowing mindful concentration on engaging your core for fast results! The studio also has two beauty rooms well equipped for Facials with CACI Lifting, Mesotherapy Firming, Crystal Microdermabrasion resurfacing and Thalgodermi blemish control with Galvanic current and High Frequency Light Therapy. Caroline will thoroughly pamper you with a facial using THALGO marine products from France or try one of the advanced Facial Treatments with a pampering massage from head to toe. We also offer waxing and Massage and slimming treatments and will soon be offering micro blading and semi permanent makeup. Kyria offers Yoga on a Monday night from 6pm, such a relaxing way to end the start of the week. We are offering free trials now and our monthly trial for $200 allows you to come frequently for noticeable Posture and Slimming.