Spring cleaning your diet STARTS with reducing your intake of processed foods and hidden sugars and by filling up on fresh, whole foods that are packed with metabolism revving lean protein nutrient rich carbs and healthier fats. Ensure your success by making these super sample, healthier swaps the next time you shop. They taste so good, that you wont miss the junk.

WAKE UP YOUR WATER by adding slice fruit & herbs will encourage you to keep drinking,a crucial step in supporting your body natural detox process.

Instead of b u t t e r
– As a toast topper it is packed with healthy fats.

Fruit crisps
Instead of c r a c k e r s
You get the same crunch without the processed flour.

Greek Yogurt
Instead of sour c r e a m
It is much lower in fat and high in protein.

Instead of dried c r a n b e r r i e s
They have less added sugar and more iron.

Cauliflower Rice
Instead of r i c e
– Can buy fresh or frozen cauliflower, it will cut carbs and increase levels of Vitamin C.

Chia Seeds
Instead of c r o u t o n s
You’ll trade processed flour and empty calories for a boost of omega-3s.

Wild Salmon
Instead of farmed s a l m o n
It has fewer calories and half the fat and still packed with plenty of protein.

Orange Seltzer
Instead of orange j u i c e
A single glass of OJ contains up to 5 tsp of sugar.

Nutritional Yeast
Instead of p a r m e s a n
Provides Vitamin B, delivering a cheesy taste for less fat.

Chickpea Pasta
Instead of white p a s t a
It has just over half the net carbs and double the protein and fiber.

Pomegranate Seeds
Instead of g r a n o l a
On yogurt they add a great boost of antioxidants and cut out any added sugar.