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We care to rejuvenate and make you smile                                                                                                



Come visit us at 27 Front Street, Hamilton (over Vineyard Vines)
Call us at 292-5201 to book your appointment today! now offering $20 Trials on Powertone Pilates

You may book online!

We are open:

Monday to Thursday: 8am to 6pm (Beauty Therapy to 7pm by appointment)

Friday: 8am to 5pm (Beauty Therapy to 6pm by appointment)

Saturday: 8am to 4pm (Beauty Therapy to 6pm by appointment)

Sundays and Public Holidays: Closed

We offer Age Reversal Exercise in the form of 6 Powertone Pilates machines.

Designed to keep your back and neck in perfect alignment

The machines will move at a set speed for stretching and toning

You can concentrate on Breathe and focus to regain a Strong and Balanced Core

Improved Posture and Endurance are acknowledged

Mobility, Pain Relief and Inch loss are also experienced


We have created a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere to quieten your mind with gentle music and natural lighting and a nice cup of herbal tea to calm you,  probiotic raspberry and hibiscus kombucca tea to balance you or cool lemongrass tea to refresh you.

You can recline on our Powertone Pilates beds and engage your core and breathe as the machines do the movements with your spine in neutral alignment… We are seeing inch loss, postural improvement and muscular toning on our clients as well as pain relief and improved flexibility and joint mobility.

We will incorporate strength training with our  Total Gym machines to develop sculpted muscle tone for the entire body and improve strength.

Our Powerplates will energize your legs and help reduce cellulite and balance energy flow.

Our experienced and highly trained Beauty Therapists Caroline and Laura will be happy to advise you as you learn about our Rejuvenating Facial Treatments, Therapeutic Massages and Slimming Treatments. Get smooth with waxing and define your brows and eyelashes with our safe European tint. We also offer Swiss color Permanent Makeup.



EXERCISE IN THE MORNING Before your brain figures out what you're doing!

By exercising in the morning you will find you have more energy throughout the day.



Come and Try Powertone Pilates at Feel Good Studio to lose some weight and ease mobility.

Powertone Pilates machines are designed to realign you and stretch and elongate the muscles while developing a strong core and improve posture.

No Sweat and Only takes 40 minutes !

Feel Happier and Healthier

Total Gym strength training to strengthen and sculpt the muscles around your weak spots and eventually your whole body for an awesome new fit body we will gradually incorporate exercises to improve your tone and shape

We offer guided strength training to improve your shape and strength upgrading our members monthly

Feel Stronger and improve Muscle Strength  

call 292.5201 for a $20 trial...  

Relax while getting Slim and Toned ... call 292.5201 for a $20 trial

We recommend you wear long leggings and a tea shirt we have socks for you to try us.

Unfit and Overweight?..... This program will get you going and increase your ENERGY and as you tone up help you burn more calories!

Happy and Healthy?..... You want to enjoy SMART exercise that balances and elongates the muscles and helps to improve your core and balance and breathing!

Out of balance and in Pain?.....This program is designed to realign and stretch you as you concentrate on breathe and core ...no sweat!



EXERCISE IN THE EVENINGrelax on our beds before you're body realises it's exercising!

After a busy and stressful day at work your instinct maybe to collapse on the sofa!  Come and zone out on ours and let the machines do the restorative exercise for you.

Heart of The Ocean Ritual 

Come try our Signature Treatment...
A Full Body Massage with a Performance Facial that restores optimum hydration combined to restore peace within.

90 minutes for $160

Mani and Pedi


We are now with us offering Manicures and Pedicures  

New ...CND Shellac Manicure for $70    CND Shellac Pedicure for $90   

40 minutes Classic Manicure includes almond hand scrub and warm towel wraps, nail and cuticle tidy, hand massage with nourishing cream and polish  $60  

60 minutes Classic Pedicure includes warm foot bath with energizing foot scrub and file, nail and cuticle tidy and  warm towel wraps. foot massage with nourishing cream  and polish $80

For those on the go: Express Manicure $45 or Express Pedicure for $65  

change of polish for $30

Gel Removal $20   add on extra Reflexology or Relaxing Foot Massage for $40

Brow shaping $20 Brow Tinting $20




Introducing Caroline Bartlett

Caroline has 30 years experience in the industry, she is renown for amazing Relaxing Facial Treatments. With a love of massage combined with a passion to improve the skin and maintain the experience with advise on homecare with Thalgo Marine and Aromatherapy. Caroline enjoys creating a Facial tailored to her individual clients. C.A.C.I slimming treatments are immediate in effect and we use a variety of waxes for hair removal and Caroline is becoming very popular at moderating a traditional brazillian with our gentle waxes. Certified and experienced in Permanent Makeup with Swiss color.  Having worked with Powertone Pilates and in Fitness since the 80s she is excited to guide you with Powertone Pilates and Total Gym fitness too!

Introducing Laura Fay

Laura has built a strong reputation for her flowing Massages which are both strong and relaxing and fulfill all your requirements to improve posture and reduce pain. She is a registered Massage Therapist  and is covered by most Insurance Companies. Laura  can combine Massage with a Relaxing Facial Treatment. With a love of massage combined with a passion to take care of her clients. She is gentle and thorough as a Beauty Therapist. also offering slimming and nails 

C.A.C.I. Microcurrent Facial Lifting Treatment

Our Facial Lifting and Eye Reviving Treatments use CACI micro current technology to give instant Lift and Contour toning. Stimulating skin cells and improving circulation and lymphatic drainage of the face, neck and eyes.we combine the power of CACI micro current with  THALGO serums and creams or  CACI collagen treatments.

30 minutes lower Lift for face ... $60

(Purchase 10 for $600 and we will increase the treatment to 40 mins)

30 mins Eye Revive ... $60

(Purchase 10 for $600 and we will increase the treatment to 40 mins)

60 mins Facial Lifting ... $120

70 mins includes back relaxation with Facial Lifting . ... $140

Rejuvalift offers the ultimate combining a back massage to relax you with crystal microdermabrasion, C.A.C.I. lifting and our Thalgo Ultimate Excellence Rejuvenating Facial for $200


SLIM and TONE Leg and Tummy Treatment

The Slim Leg Treatment and Tummy Trimmer uses CACI micro current technology to give instant Lift and Tone. Breaking down fatty deposits and cellulite and stimulating circulation and lymphatic drainage of the legs and tummy

Combine the power of CACI micro current for the tummy with a THALGO warm slimming mask and CACI micro current for legs and bottom

This Treatment reduces cellulite and tones the contours


Smoother Legs and Trimmer Tummy

Try our NEW cellulite treatment using micro current

For deep results we recommend a course of 6. 

30 mins Tummy Trimmer  for $60

(Purchase a course of 10 treatments and we will offer one free treatment in addition)

40 mins Slim Legs for $80

(Purchase a courses of  10 treatments and we will increase the treatment time to 50mins.)

Smoother Legs and Tighter Tummy

Buy a course of 10 x 50 minute micro current cellulite and draining treatments for $800  

or try a course of 11 x 30 minute micro current tummy trimmer treatments for $600

Introductory offer 70 minute micro current tummy trimmer with THALGO warm slimming mask and micro current cellulite and draining for legs and bottom for $120 


Our Machines


The Hipster gently tones and firms hips, buttocks, lower back and legs. On this machine we will train you to breathe and engage your core as you arrive.This machine can be used both prone or supine.
Both positions engage the main local stabilizers;
The pelvic floor muscles, transverses abdomens and multifidus.
Activating these muscles are important to hold a strong core
Strengthening these muscles will protect the back from injury. This machine will also condition the Iliopsoas muscle which is the primary hip flexor,
This muscle connects the pelvis and spine to the legs and influences pelvic alignment.
Balancing this muscle reduces tension and pain in the lower back.


The Tummy Crunch machine firms and flattens the entire abdominal group of muscles while strengthening the lower back. You are able to control your breathing and engage your core safely while the machine moves you slowly and in good form. 5 minutes gives you 75 perfect sit ups!! The Rectus Abdominus contracts during the sit up motion while the knee to chest action adds extra work load to the lower abs. A Torso extension follows the sit up which strengthens the back extensors to reduce lower back pain. Rectus abdominus is a flexor of the spine and by acting on the ribcage this muscle contracts the front of the body and helps to maintain erect posture. The Powertone Pilates machines are safe and effective after surgery. The exercise can be adjusted to mobilise the hips, knees and buttocks; to reduce tension associated with the (S.I.) sacroiliac joint and (I.T.) iliotibial band.


Firms the inner and outer thighs, trimming and improving hip mobility
Simultaneously shaping the chest and arms, shoulders and upper back.
On this machine you will shape up your legs and regain tone to the arms, shoulders and back.Co-ordinates upper and lower body;
alternately training inner thighs with chest and arms or outer thighs and hips with back and shoulders.
The Fly's and Thighs helps improve mobility within the hips and increases muscle strength in the pectoral and posterior deltoid.Desk workers have shortened pectoral fibers causing the shoulders to pull forward.This machine both strengthens and releases the pectorals ensuring balance is maintained in the chest region.
The lower body engages the abductors and adductors; important in stabilizing the hip and knee in standing, running or walking. These muscles often become imbalanced but the Powertone Pilates System will strengthen these muscles equally.


The Posture Pullover helps improve Posture as the chest, shoulders and upper back are exercised. The moving pad gently lifts the ribcage, helping the chest to expand and lungs to oxygenate. Improving Breathing and Posture. You will concentrate on engaging your core and pelvic floor muscles as the machine will guide your arms overhead. Your ribcage will be encouraged to expand and stretch as the moving pad gently rocks beneath the thorasic spine. The upper arms and waistline also benefit from this exercise. As we age, the muscles in between the ribs become tight; causing the diaphragm to overwork because of the lack of movement in the ribs! This machine encourages our ribs to remain supple so we will not fatigue easily.


Tones and strengthens the buttocks, hips and tummy while improving the coccyx alignment. The unique movement of this machine helps to strengthen and tone the stomach and hips whilst working to firm and and lift the buttocks, simultaneously enjoying a gentle massaging action. The results after using this machine for 6 weeks will be shapelier buttocks. Finally it will improve your gait pattern as this muscle is the main extensor of the hip. Giving you a limber lumbar!


The Waist Away is a superb exercise for the oblique muscles. Creating firm, flat abdominals and a narrow waistline. while simultaneously adding strength and flexibility to the lower back. The internal and external obliques are diagonal muscles which lie underneath the Rectus Abdominis. These muscles are responsible for twisting actions. The erector spine muscles are also involved and strengthen the lower back. This unique exercise combination will provide fast results creating a slim waist and firm flat abdominals. This machine will gently rock you as a reward to completing your circuit!

Total Gym

Our Total Gym strength training apparatus develops tone and definition to muscles quickly.
We will guide you to improve your core while developing muscle tone using a pulley system which works the entire body with different exercises to sculpt and tone. Each of our members are offered a personal session to upgrade their exercises monthly

Motivating Member of the Month...December

Leoni Curtis

Leoni has been spreading Christmas cheer all month Today as a Christmas Angel and  Yesterday we all giggled as she was a happy elf. Leonie has been losing weight and toning up with Powertone Pilates. 



Motivating Member of the Month...September

Donna Bennet

Donna is always on the go active and busy with work and friends visiting so she enjoys coming to us to relax and stretch 

Donna has supported us since we opened and we enjoy seeing her



Motivating Member of the Month...August

Ann D Boorman

We are always happy when Ann D comes in bringing her sunshine 🙂

she is consistent with coming after work and is always happy and humorous



Motivating Member of the Month...June

Gina Munroe

This month we praise Gina for her keen promise to herself to be motivated and coming in early to work out .

Her Posture and Form are improved and she has strengthened control of her breath with Powertone Pilates .

this means that she can perform her duties at work running around and assisting with renewed vigor and we love having her here as she is such a lovely kind hearted woman.


Motivating Member of the Month...April

Debbie Walsh Brown

Debbie is our shining star this month.

She complements Powertone Pilates with Yoga.


Motivating Member of the Month...March

Sheena Maybury

Sheena is our early bird.

She has made Feel Good part of her lifestyle and has become a great friend to us all.

She has progressed to add more exercises as her core has strengthened and toned.

Motivating Member of the Month...November

Alison Adams

Alison has made the commitment to come regularly.

She always brings a great sense of fun and puts everything into getting the best results through mindful awareness of breath and concentration.

See her testimonial as she has been delighted to acknowledge great results.

Alison has introduced her friends to the club and added to our sparkle 🙂

Motivating Member of the Month...October

Victoria Brewer 

She has a beautiful mind and a generous heart and an amazing ability to make other people smile..

Victoria is mother to Regan and Tatum. She leads by example staying active with tennis and encouraging the girls to be polite and cheerful in all they do from sailing, surfing to study. Victoria is so upbeat she always brings her good humor when she comes to Feel Good studio.

Motivating Member of the Month...September

Beth Gosling

Beth manages family with a busy career in real estate. Beth has consideration for everyone before herself and therefore has abundant friendships which she nurtures. Beth has been coming to the studio for a Year and has seen remarkable improvement in her hips she is now capable to move through the exercises at advanced levels and painfree.

PREGNANCY and Powertone Pilates

Powertone Pilates will Strengthen your Core and Lift your Pelvic Floor which Eases Childbirth and helps keep you Slim and Toned throughout Pregnancy.

Early pregnancy can be delicate. Therefore we ask that you speak to your Doctor before beginning any new regime. We would also look at how much exercise you have done prior to pregnancy and ask for a doctors note.  As a woman you are aware of how your body feels and the exercises are considered safe.

As your Pregnancy develops the machines will keep you mobile. We can develop the exercises to give you greater support of the lower abs and concentrate on breathing techniques while isolating muscles for toning and easing backache.

Powertone Pilates will help tighten the abdominals and lift the pelvic floor all the while protecting your back.

Introducing Thalgo Marine

Always attentive to a Woman's individual Beauty THALGO has something for everyone. Our skin has a natural affinity with marine skincare as we are 80% saline, allowing the product to work deeply into the skin cells. THALGO draws inspiration form the Heart of the Ocean where marine plants and species face extreme survival conditions needing to retain oxygen and collagen and THALGO have identified marine active ingredients with their rejuvenating properties for each individual skin type.

Illuminating Radiance Express Facial

After a  thorough cleanse and exfoliation we will apply an infusion of marine radiance boosting concentrate using a digital pressure and lymphatic drainage massage to relieve tension from your face and completed with your favorite Thalgo moisturizer wakeup your skin.

30 minutes for $60

This Refreshing Facial is ideal before a Party! 


Prodiges des Ocean Facial

THALGO Prodiges des Ocean Rejuvenating and Lifting Facial including plant stem cells to visibly smooth wrinkles and restore firmness and elasticity to the skin.  The face glows with renewed youth The Facial includes Japanese manual facelifting techniques and welcoming Korean head massage 60 minutes for $140

Prodiges des Ocean Oriental Massage and Facial

Prodigies des Ocean Facial and Massage includes Korean Awakening Massage and 64 nutrients to restore youth for your skin

80 minutes for $160

Collagen Facial with Full Body Massage

80 minutes to rejuvenate your skin to soft and smooth while restoring delicate and dry capillaries also soothing after sun exposure with Body Massage to relax and unwind you ...... $160


Thalgo Marine products from France have been designed to rejuvenate skin cells and hydrate with something for everyone.  Thalgo uses marine water from the cold depths of the Ocean where it is purest and this will naturally infuse deeply into our skin cells.  Thalgo harvest and grow sea plants which are rich in minerals and have the unique ability to retain Oxygen to improve the texture and tone of the skin.  

Hydra Marine is oxygenating for all skins!

Purete balances an oily complexion

Cold Marine protects and comforts delicate capillaries and sensitive skins

Collagen cream and concentrate is ideal for young skins experiencing early signs of wrinkles and softening on sensitive skins

Hyaluronique filler and cream can be used to fill deeper lines

Silicium cream and concentrate is ideal for mature skins with both firming and plumping of lines, ages 45 to 75 years!

Exceptional Ultim is for skins requiring brightening and anti-aging with Age Reversal Complex

Our medical line Mceutics is used to improve texture, tone and scarring as well as brightening to fade age spots.

Thalgo is a pioneer in marine scientific research, selecting high performance marine active ingredients that are gentle on the skin, while respecting nature. Thalgo products are truly made-to-measure answers to your skin's need. Every woman is different and has her own concerns when it comes to skin.

The VALUE of Permanent Makeup

By having your eyebrows defined, eyeliner lastingly applied or your lips outlined and filled with graduating color, you will look bright and fresh morning, noon and night. Permanent Makeup has a lasting effect to enhance your features!

We  recommend a refresh of color every 12 months for brows to give true permanent  color. Due to the texture of the skin and lack of oils around the lids and lips the Eyeliner and the lips will need refreshing every 3 years.

Winter is the perfect time for this procedure as there is a ten day healing process where you will not want to get your permanent makeup wet but it will look beautiful from day one. We use precision tools to balance and define the eyes. Every woman is unique and with Swiss color we can blend the perfect color to enhance your natural beauty and with lead oxide free pigment and the latest ombre techniques from Europe we can make the procedure look very natural so as you age we can adapt the shape and color to compliment you. This procedure is the secret of top models and actresses and we are delighted to bring it to Bermuda.

Define Yourself with Natural Looking and Modern Eyebrows and Eyeliner


We use different styles to suit your face shape. We measure and frame the face to enhance your features and we have a variety of natural colors to compliment your own skin tones and hair. We like to refresh the shape and color every 18 months and this allows us to give a gentle lift effect by adjusting and balancing the natural unevenness of the eyes which is caused by our expressions! If the brows have disappeared  we will use some gentle hairline strokes to keep the look natural but our most popular effect is with ombre where the definition is denser at the tip and arch and gently powders to the top and middle.


Caroline is trained and Certified by Swiss color

Brows by Caroline with Swiss color

Update your look with Swiss color 

brows are measured to add symmetry and color varied according to your complexion 

brows are retouched every 18 months which allows for natural changes also.

Magic Brows with just Tinting and Waxing

Below are some examples of how we can improve your look with just tinting using natural and safe tints from England and measured shaping with our gentle waxes.  

We charge just $40 for tint and wax or $20 for shaping the brows

Full Body Massage and Personalized Facial

We are now offering an 80 minute Full Body Massage and Facial  for $160

An excellent treat to get your skin smooth and glowing after the Summer and relax and rehydrate your body unwinding tension knots.


Swedish massage combines gentle effleurage to balance energy with neuromuscular techniques to deeply unwind tension in the muscles and slenderizing movements to mobilize sluggish tissues followed by lymphatic drainage to slim the body. We use essential oils of lemongrass for purity or lavender and thyme for relaxation.



An energy balancing massage with essential oils
to balance and uplift includes lymphatic drainage techniques to slenderize and remove toxins from the body. This head to toe complete treatment can be used to treat specific conditions and hormonal imbalances or just a revival for pure relaxation.


This indulging Foot Treatment is great for anyone that is on their feet daily. It entails a welcoming foot cleanse with warm towels and a lovely essential oil blend. Thumb pressure is used along the feet to stimulate the reflex points relating to different areas on the body relieving any stress and improving energy flow.

We Are Here To Fix You

If your hips and knees are sore we can work the I.T. band

If your neck is stiff we can massage out tension knots around the shoulders and back

We always offer a complimentary Powertone Pilates to stretch you and improve mobility 


La Stone Therapy to melt away tension

We are offering Hot Stone Massage for deeper muscle tension relief.    

You will receive 90 minutes of muscle melting bliss including chakra balancing ...$200

This Native American Ritual will unwind your mind as you experience total relaxation and release of tension in the body you may drift in and out of consciousness but awaken energized, warm and peaceful.

Hot Rock Massage will help to warm and ease stiffness during the colder Winter months.

Teenager Specials

Thalgodermi Facial to treat problem skin $80 for 50 minutes High Frequency zaps spots and Galvanic current clears the complexion.

High Frequency 15 mins for $40 or course of 6 for $200