Vitamin A – The Fountain of Youth

As we learn more about skin care and the benefits of vitamins on the skin Vitamin A stands out as the key to rejuvenating sun damaged skin as we mature and rebalancing problem skin when we are young.

Vitamin A is destroyed by sunlight and most of us are deficient in vitamin A 

When we are born we have all our cellular receptors in our skin to utilize the vitamin. 

but by the time we are 18 years old we have already lost 80% of these 

and this is one of the reasons why our skin becomes reactive and sensitive. 

Vitamin A needs to be replaced daily to prevent photo-aging skin.

By putting low doses of vitamin A into the skin daily; 

we can rebuild the DNA and increase the cellular receptors in our skin

other signs of vitamin A deficiency include; night blindness, sensitivity to light, eczema and psoriasis, wrinkles and lack of tone in the skin cells, skin conditions with extra keratin or rough skin and pigmentation marks.

There are several different ways we can apply vitamin A to the skin.

Esters are part of the Retinoids they are fat soluble and Beta carotene is the plant form  ‘Environ’ skincare products only use these as they are safe and the least irritating with a natural synergy into the the skin cells via lipid proteins (which will not go into body organs) Esters and Beta carotene will turn into retinol when they enter into the skin cells they then convert to retinoic acid which is used by the skin’s DNA to help improve the appearance of photo-aging  skin; improving elasticity and hydration and to normalize problematic skin conditions such as over active sebaceous glands. 

The cellular receptor sites are stimulated by the application of Vitamin A and it’s conversion within the skin cell. These receptor sites are rejuvenated upon exposure to increased levels of Vitamin A and with careful studies ‘Environ’  have created a step up program to maximize this effect.

80 – 90% of vitamin A in the skin cells is retinyl palmitate stored as retinol esters; which stimulates fibroblasts, repairs blood vessels, improves collagen, retains moisture, replenishes cell walls and normalizes DNA cells while regulating sebum production. 

This deeper cell rejuvenation delivers more oxygen into the skin.

Dr Des Fernandes study of skin cancer and vitamins on the skin lead him to create ‘Environ’ which has over 25 years of excellence with its ultra high potency of vitamins being applied to the skin safely with his carefully designed step up procedure

which allows the skin time to graduate to stronger doses safely and in carefully planned time and sequence.

Dr Kligmans study of retinoid acid on skin rejuvenation shows us turn around results on hydration and photo-aging. 

Retinol is the alcohol form and is taken up by the body organs it is very irritating and can cause peeling.

Retinoic Acid  is the preferred method offered by doctors which can cause dry and sensitive skin

‘Environ’ do not use Retinol or Retinoic Acid.

Professor Cluver of South Africa recommends oral supplements of 

Vitamin A daily to maintain the epidermis and foods which are rich in this vitamin include Salmon and oily fish, carrots, green leafy vegetables, potatoes, papaya, chicken and eggs, which sounds more delicious than a pill … however, most of us are deficient in Vitamin A today!

We need to apply vitamin A to the skin in the morning as protection, when our bio rhythm is fast we are perspiring more but need to protect our skin from the external damage caused by UVA and UVB. 

We need to apply vitamin A to the skin at night to replenish, when our bio rhythm is slow we breathe in more deeply and the vitamin can penetrate the cells more easily to rejuvenate and repair.

‘Environ’ combine antioxidants and growth peptides to their vitamin A serums to make a complex that will deliver safely into the skin cells and our Beauty Therapists are trained to offer the product most suitable for the client by prescription only at ‘Feel Good Studio’.

within 6 -18 months scientific studies have shown skin improvements;

  1. Promote healthy dermis and epidermis
  2. Normalize sebaceous gland production and DNA cells
  3. Rejuvenate Collagen and Elastin 
  4. Help support skin immunity and helrepair capillaries 
  5. Promote natural moisturizing factors
  6. Brighten pigmentation of the skin

As many of the signs of sun damage are reversed and problematic skin is normalized your Skin is Reborn Beautiful with ‘Environ’

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At Feel Good Studio we are in perfectionist skin care

We want to see your skin improve and regenerate with time

We live in a climate where we are exposed to the sun

We want your skin integrity to be strong and protected to cope with harmful rays

Our Medical Environ line has vitamin A and C with peptides and antioxidants to rejuvenate Our Marine Thalgo line has powerful marine ingredients to protect the skin and replenish the skin cells and delicate capillaries

We prefer to offer milder peels more frequently

rather than one deep peel as deep peels will destroy the epidermis

a series of light peels minimizes the destruction of the epidermis and stimulate the skins production of growth factors for a healthy skin
a low ph with a low concentration/percentage peel is very effective and offers a safe treatment acid in low concentrations instruct Keratinocytes to produce healthier and smoother skin
It is recommended to prepare the skin with Environs vitamin A moisturizers  before peeling or cosmetic needling treatments and to replenish the skin after treatments

Thalgo Mceutics gently resurface the skin to reveal new brighter and refined skin

Environ of a variety of gentle peels from alpha hydroxy to Cool Peels which are scientifically formulated and developed by Dr Fernandez with a unique concept and method application to be tailored to suit the individual without any down time
Vitamin A is the corner stone ingredient in the Environ Skin care philosophy and needs to be replaced daily for skin appearance to improve as we age. Combined with other essential nutrients such as peptides, antioxidants and marine technology the long term enhancement of skin appearance becomes clearly visibly

Effects of peeling

skin becomes dryer and tighter for a few days
healthy cells survive and damaged cells are removed
scientific research has shown that growth factors are stimulated and collagen is promoted

Results of peeling

a course of peels help to improve the appearance and texture of the skin relating to visible signs of aging such as pigmentation and fine lines and delicate capillaries
a course of peels help to normalize the skin and rebalance clogged and open pores and improving the appearance of scaring on the skin

a course of peels help to improve texture and the appearance of problematic skin as dead cells are removed and new healthy skin is radiant
a course of peels allows your treatments and home care to be more effective as the products can more easily be absorbed into soft and healthy skin cells

a course of peels will smooth the appearance of skin without any damage and soften the appearance of rough texture and aging by minimizing the destruction of healthy epidermis and stimulating collagen production in the dermis

Polonged use of topical vitamin A is essential to improve the integrity of the skin cells and repair DNA
Light peels can be done at weekly intervals
even in Summer so long as a good SPF is used when exposing the skin to harmful UV rays

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Waking up and realizing you are sick … should you go for Massage? 

Massage does boost the immune system and relieve your tension. 

However, when your body is already fighting off a virus due to cold or flu or even simply a sore throat or headache with body chills, it means you are sick and your body needs to stay warm so your lymphocytes (white blood cells), which are provided to clean your body, can activate to make you feel better. 

Rest allows your lymphocytes to multiply so they can then work efficiently to clean up infection. This is always best done when you are resting and warmly tucked up.

On a sick day you don’t really have the energy or the stamina to work and put in the effort for socialising.

Getting a massage when sick is not a good idea in the early stages

Although it does sound soothing and relaxing and you may feel you need a pain reliever. Unknotting your muscles pushes toxins into your system and although the nervous system is on tender hooks and you may feel that it needs soothing, a massage can overstimulate the movement of toxins through the internal organs when your body most needs to conserve energy to take away the virus. 

Massage can help in the very later days of recovery but should be avoided in the early days of sickness. 

Massages are generally known to boost your immune system.

Massage works well for stress and pain relief being calming with therapeutic touch and unwinding muscular knots also relieving acquired tension from the body, it will also increase blood circulation and help balance the chakras. Massage works well for slimming and toning stimulating the lymphatic system to detoxify and remove excess fluid and tissue sludge while also helping tone the body, it also pushes out lactic acid accumulated in the joints after exercise. 

Massage isn’t as relaxing as it sounds in sickness:

When the body is already dealing with sickness symptoms this stimulation of circulation and removal of toxins might just add to those existing symptoms and make you even sicker.

which is the reason that if you go to your massage therapist when you are sick, they might just send you back home. 

In the earlier stages of sickness it gets very hard to lay head faced downwards on the massage bed it can make the sinuses feel very heavy and congested so you become dizzy when you get up and stuffy!

A contagious sickness may spread: Another reason to stay away from a massage clinic while you are sick is that if you have a contagious illness, you don’t want others to catch it from you. This is just to be considerate of your therapist and the other clients.

Staying at home a much better idea when you first become sick:

You can be home and stay in bed wrapped up and all cozy allowing your body to heal itself quickly, so that you can be up and running around again much faster and in good health. 

How can getting a massage helps in sickness:

Massage can speed up your recovery process but you should wait 5 days before you try this as getting a massage will pressure your body and push it to its limits.

It forces to speed up the process by pushing everything around your body. This would cause a reaction of increased disease symptoms for 3 to 4 days. 

A few things that should be kept in mind are that if you have colds and flu you should probably stay at home. Or if you have a fever or feel nausea it is still better to stay at home and tucked in your bed. If you have a case of a common cold you should wait until it gets a little better to catch your appointment with the therapist for a massage.

However, if you are having common cold signs, it is usually ok to get a therapeutic massage after 5 days. There are different types of massage that you go for in this situation. These include Swedish massage, Hot stone massage, and Deep tissue massage. These massages are also good for recovering from strenuous exercise. These massage techniques will improve blood flow and your overall health and release stress hormones.

written by Caroline

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With an increase in obesity and diabetes it is time that we in the Western World look at alternative diet plans and make the lifestyle adjustment necessary to maintain Good Health and Slender Bodies.

The food we eat in the West is often high carbohydrate with lots of sugar and saturated fats, processed for convenience and speed. We do not pay much attention to the antibiotics and hormones, preservatives, colors and chemicals in what we eat today.

Making changes in our diet is essential to improve our energy and lifestyle and the way we feel about ourselves It effects our  general mood and health and self esteem.

When we look at starting a diet, we should try to avoid the need to suffer, as it is sensible to consider a lifestyle change that we can maintain,  rather than play with our body so it becomes confused as with a yoyo type of weight management that creates many problems such as ‘feast or famine’ where the body will store food when we return to bad habits often becoming even fatter than before the diet.

I understand that when we have become addicted to a high sugar diet it will never be easy to deny ourselves sweet things but the consequence is dire including diabetes, obesity, headaches and confusion so it is important to get a grip on reality and this is where the Ketogenic diet may be useful. The Ketogenic diet burns fat as the primary fuel instead of sugar to achieve the condition known as nutritional ketosis.

The Ketogenic diet emphasizes on consuming high amounts of healthy fats and moderate amounts of protein but very little carbohydrates. This diet can help to burn and shed body fat while reducing hunger pangs and addiction to sugar as the diet does not spike insulin in the blood it can be very helpful for reducing diabetes.

The Ketogenic diet encourages healthy food options which are delicious and nutritious. Good fats include olive oil, avocado, nuts and butter. Protein includes Eggs, Salmon, Sardines which are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Fiber intake is also important to help flush the system and detoxify the body this includes kale, spinach, prunes.

We can easily enjoy a delicious diet while our health improves and make it our lifestyle so we can get into great shape and enjoy good health.

written by Caroline

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INSPIRE weight loss by RESEARCHING your genetic HISTORY

We eat too much, too often and without effort or thought.

Our lifestyle allows us to eat what we like and whenever we want.


and what strain does it put on our internal organs?


and do we take short cuts like juicing when we should be chewing our food?

Life is full of CONTRADICTIONS

Have you ever sighed in puzzlement when you read the warning messages of modern medicines; like the possible side effects of a simple headache pill being nausea, headache or worse!
We know the companies are covering themselves against a lawsuit butWHY ARE SO MANY OF US ALLERGIC TO WHAT WE CONSUME TODAY?and more importantly


Let’s go back in time;

A century ago to 1918 when our Ancestors were living in local communities,where their food was hard earned and ORGANIC. Local farmers worked hard to plough the land, growing vegetables and fruits and raising cattle and livestock. Fishermen would caste out their nets to collect fish and local markets were open for trade. Potters & Bakers & Candlestick makers among the farmers and fishermen traded at the markets.


It was dependent on weather and availability.
Communities came together at HARVEST TIME to help reap in the hay for cattle fodder for long winters and people celebrated & feasted as food was abundant. But they knew WINTER WAS COMING and so they fattened themselves up to survive the harsher months ahead.
TODAY … is it possible that we CELEBRATE the joys of HARVEST TIME everyday? Is it time to stop and consider what this is doing to our body?

Let’s go back in time again;

Half a century ago to 1968 when our Ancestors had seen two World Wars in the first half of the century, that means that they had suffered and starved.Now scientists began introducing synthetic foods that our bodies do not understand or know how to digest but which have a very long shelf life in theSupermarkets. FOODBECAMEPROCESSEDANDARTIFICIAL.

But our Ancestors were delighted with the abundance of new and exciting consumables and in schools were educated to follow the the nutritional advice of the food prism (which we now know to be upside down) where starch and carbohydrates are most important with tiny amounts of protein and fats at the top of the prism. This encouraged sales of the highly refined and processed carbohydrate and sugary foods available at that time.

Today we have turned that prism around for better health.

WATER is essential for life
Good Fats and Protein which build strong muscles & heart & brain health are most important, Vegetables and Fruits give us vitamins and antioxidants with smaller amounts of Carbohydrates to give us instant energy to move on and get going!
We now know that protiens help us endure the day and stay alert while carbohydrates offer a quick burst of energy but then make us sleepy.
We understand there are good fats such as olive oil and butter that nourish us and bad fats such as corn oil that harden our arteries.
We are blessed to have so much more information TODAY!

WE are LEARNING today that if we want to live a longer and healthier life we can… it is our choice today that will effect how we feel tomorrow.
In our life today, we are warned about hormones in our meat and dairy,lactose in milk and cream, gluten in grains and lectins in fruit and vegetables.Genetically modified foods and pesticides are poisoning our food supply.

I would like to recommend you watch an interview on utube with Dr. Steven Gundry about the topic of lectins in our fruits and vegetables if you would like to be enlightened further.
Have you ever considered why Italians remove the skin and pips of tomatoes? the answer is poisonous lectins or we why we need to cook thoroughly our beans before we eat them? again the answer is lectins!

Our Ancestors realized these foods were poisonous but not why …

Dr Gundry was a heart surgeon who gave up his profession to study the effects of bacteria in the gut. As a surgeon he also noticed that seeds were collecting in the ‘villi’ in our intestines which should be clear to draw nutrients from our food to the blood stream, when he discovered the truth about lectins and how they clog our system he decided to share this information in his books and interviews.



We should choose to eat SEASONAL and ORGANIC
Well, it is late September so apples and pears are about to ripen and Avocado’s are already falling from the trees.
Next month we can enjoy roasted vegetables as the temperatures cool.

As a Christian I am grateful for the delicious produce that has been provided naturally. I am also blessed with a wonderful husband ‘Otto Kummer’ and mother ‘Inge Bartlett’ who are both amazing chefs and have always taken time to carefully prepare fresh and delicious meals for me.

written by Caroline Bartlett

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We will offer you some advise to energize and ease weight in the body

This morning we start with breakfast and daily snack ideas;

A Super fit; Miso Cleansing Soup to purify the liver,spleen and bladder



combine1 tablespoon Wakeme Seaweed with 2 tablespoon water and soften for 30 minutes
Simmer 3 cups Dash and heat in a pan
add 1/2 cup silken tofu cut into 1/2” pieces
simmer gently then remove from heat
submerge fine mesh and add 1/4 cup miso into mesh to dissolve
top with scallions to serve

B Protein Power; Frittatas with vegetables

Preheat oven to 375
finely dice red bell peppers and roll spinach leaves and basil
Whisk 8 to 10 eggs and 1/2 cup milk season with salt and pepper
Jalapeno pepper will add heat and grated cheese to savory
(any veggies can be combined or even some ham or sausage)
fresh parsley or fresh basil are delicious herbs to add
Pour egg mix into oils sprayed Muffin tin and bake for 10 to 15 minutes

C Energy and Balance; warm oats and fruit


Oats will slowly release sugar throughout the day for the body.
In cool weather it is nice warm
(a) In a pan on medium heat add fresh or frozen fruit and berries
add quick oats and either *soya milk or regular
warm for a few minutes and serve
In warm weather it can be cooled and called Bircher muesli
Overnight soak oats and fruit in milk or soya milk in fridge
add nuts and fresh mint in the morning to serve

Fruit and Nuts are ideal for energy
avoid health bars as these are high in sugars
avoid salt and sugar coated (*flavored) nuts

images-26   images-25

Hummus and Vegetable sticks
carrots/celery/ bell peppers/cucumber

images-16 images-21


*By avoiding refined sugars and salt and flour you can be in control of your appetite, these processed foods will hinder your progress in weight loss and and block your colon
*By avoiding dairy products your breathe will become stronger and sinuses with less mucus also fluid in your body decreases and skin becomes clearer



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Many people are troubled with back pain, we all think it just occurred however it is usually gradually accumulated! a little back irritation ignored and then one sudden shock to make you gasp and it is out!! Whether you are working at a desk job or a builder with heavy lifting, a mother juggling small children and piles of unbalanced shopping, even very fit people running or exercising with imbalances in the muscles causing postural problems due to weakness of some muscles and tightness of others affecting our strength, mobility and coordination. The gait mechanics of the core are key to good health and a strong back!
When your pelvis is in a neutral position, the load on your spine is evenly distributed. Think about those toy snakes as an example of our spine..when you move the lower spine then the upper spine will naturally move freely, however, when there is tightness it prevents this free flowing movement and parts of the spine may be pushed out of place and need adjustment! Think about the muscles that surround the spine holding it safely in place and protecting the spine to prevent it shrinking and creating worn discs and how important it is to keep these muscles strong and elongated and balanced.
If we run with tight hip flexors and tight quadriceps the pelvis will tilt forward and this can increase compression of the vertebrae if you then imagine the added impact of running miles on an ungiving hard road surface you can see how easy it is to strain your back, another common scenario for runners is tight gluts which can lead to a tucked tail bone and so the pelvis will tilt backwards!
Continually lifting and carrying on one side of the body will create scoliosis, which is a twisting of the spine, eventually one pressure point may give way and then the spine can be put painfully out of alignment.
A common culprit of backache in the office is a comfy chair that you can slump into and a desk where you have to bend over to type and hook your neck up to view the computer screen! This can be corrected with the purchase of a stable upright stool that encourages you to sit forward and up right and repositioning the computer on the desk plus stopping for an occasional stretch of your shoulders, back and rotation of your neck and hips. A similar problem can strain the back with comfy car seats on long journeys!
At Feel Good Studio, 27 Front Street, Hamilton, Bermuda we have a unique combination of Pilates and Toning beds to keep the spine in perfect alignment while we ask you to mindfully concentrate on isolated muscles that are engaged during the motion and all the time engaging your core and relaxing into your breathing.
When we talk about core strength we want to develop a strong muscular structure for your back, hips and stomach to stabilize the spine.These muscles need to be balanced to produce the powerhouse of all movements of the body and will incorporate the deeper muscles of the pelvic floor. The complete circuit of 6 Toning beds will naturally bring balance to the body and mobilize the joints.


Please call 292.5201 for a free trial of our Powertone Pilates Toning Tables and view our web page for more information at
Kind Regards Caroline

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Do you often feel tired, fatigued or lacking in energy around 11am? Does this affect your work? This is not usual. The main reason for this happening is your blood sugar levels have dropped. Your body requires refueling, and it is very easy to crave that chocolate biscuit or packet of crisps. So how can we avoid that slump? Here are a few tips that may help.

1. Avoid cereal and toast for breakfast. They are carbohydrates that digest quickly into sugar and although they initially fill you, they leave you hungry very quickly and encourage sweet cravings around 11.

2. Ensure you have a good protein based breakfast. Eggs are a great source of protein and I advise free range as they are more nutrient-based and less likely to contain antibiotics. Seeds and nuts are also a good source mixed with oats to make a muesli, porridge or bircher can stand you in good instead for the morning.

3. “But I’m not hungry at breakfast time,” you may say. This is not uncommon and is usually due to stomach acid being low in the morning. Try taking a glass of water with lemon or apple cider vinegar, which may help to stimulate stomach acid.

4. Some people feel they do not have time for breakfast. Making time is essential for optimum health throughout life. Perhaps ensuring a good sleep pattern may help or getting expert advice on better quality sleep might benefit you. Bircher can be prepared the night before and will be ready for eating as soon as you are. Making a green smoothie containing good fats and/or seeds before bedtime or having a layer of fruit, natural yoghurt and a sprinkling of homemade granola in a jar ready to eat may help. Or boil eggs and store them in the fridge until you need them.

5. If you still hit the hunger pangs at 11ish then ensure you have something healthy to hand such as a handful of nuts or seeds, a piece of fruit or some veggie sticks and hummus to tide you over until lunchtime.


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Take a look at the following ideas to help bump up your fruit and vegetable intake:

add a portion of mushrooms or tomatoes with scrambled egg on toast
add some chopped fruit or berries to cereal, porridge or yoghurt
have a glass of unsweetened fruit juice with your breakfast
enjoy a smoothie made up of different fruits and veg
add spinach and pepper to a breakfast omelette.


add some vegetable crudité to your lunch-time meal
add some salad to your sandwich
finish off your lunch with a fruit pot
add some mushrooms and peppers to a stir-fry
enjoy a salad made up of different vegetables.


add some vegetables to your main meal
replace potatoes with sweet potatoes
have a side-salad
enjoy some fruit for dessert
add a handful of beans/pulses to soups or sauces.


dried fruit makes for a great on-the-go snack
enjoy fresh fruit as a snack
have some carrot/cucumber sticks dipped in hummus
add cucumber to cream cheese on crackers
try vegetable crisps.


Staying Hydrated
It is recommended that we drink six to eight glasses of fluid a day. This includes water, tea, coffee and sugar-free drinks. Like all things nutrition, water intake depends on the individual and the lifestyle they lead.

We need water to survive – we all know this – but it has many other benefits. Water acts as our body’s solvent. It carries waste, nutrients and other important components around our body, as well as keeping our skin and hair in good condition. Professionals suggest aiming for around two liters of water a day, though they advise listening to your body and monitoring the color of your urine. Dark colored urine suggests your kidneys are conserving water due to dehydration, whereas pale-yellow urine indicates a well-hydrated body.

If you find you don’t drink enough water, consider investing in a one liter bottle and keeping it with you at all times. Be sure to fill it in the morning and again at lunch time, if you haven’t been drinking enough, this will help you keep track. Alternatively, set hourly reminders on your phone and if you’re not keen on the taste of plain water, add some lemon slices.


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The Basics
To maintain good health, your body needs whole foods and regular physical activity. If you are interested in adopting a more balanced diet, understanding the basics will make the change seem less daunting. Below are five tips to getting started on your new, more balanced lifestyle.

Portion sizes
Carbohydrates and starchy foods, such as rice, pasta, cereal and potato should generally be the size of your fist. Butter and spreads are often high in fat and sugar, therefore only a small amount if needed, aim for a portion the size of the tip of your thumb. Protein sources, such as meat and fish should generally be the size of your palm.

Fruit and vegetables will generally make up the largest part of your meals. Try to add a variety of greens to your lunch and dinners and if you can snack on fruit, you can easily reach the 5 a day recommendation.

5 A Day
Aim to eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables each day.
Drink plenty of water (six to eight glasses is recommended though this will vary).
Try to include at least two portions of fish every week.
Get into the habit of eating breakfast every day, it can help reduce snacking later on.
Get active!

Eating a good variety of fruit and vegetables is an important element of healthy eating. This recommended daily amount is thought to help reduce risk of serious health conditions including stroke, heart disease, obesity and type 2 diabetes. Reaching five portions a day can seem daunting, but it can be easy to incorporate these into your diet if you share them between meals. For example:

Add a banana and a handful of spinach in your breakfast smoothie (two portions).

As a mid-morning snack have carrot sticks and hummus, or sliced apple (one portion).

Prepare a homemade vegetable soup for lunch (one to two portions).

To accompany your chicken or salmon dinner, make a filling side dish. Mix up some peppers, onions and greens with grains (one to two portions).

If you’re a dessert person, have a handful of fresh raspberries (one portion).



Colors in Our Food and Their Benefits

Red and Pink

Red fruits and vegetables contain lycopene which promotes colon health.
Berries are a great for our immune system and have a antiviral and antibacterial quality.
Provides protection against cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Yellow and Orange

Carotenoids provides our bodies with Vitamin A which is essential for eyes and skin.
Food that are rich in the orange color are to reduce certain cancers, immunity and bone health.

Lutein is the component for a healthy vision and cancer preventative.

Purple and Blue
Flavonoids promote heart health and aid circulatory system.
Improves a healthy urinary tract and improves memory and ageing.
Protects our bodies against inflammation.

Phytonutrients which kills harmful bacteria and protect the capillaries.
Mushrooms and cauliflower protect against heart disease, digestive and obesity.
Oats and flaxseed help to lower cholesterol and balances our hormones.

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