Transform your BODY … Renew your Energy … Live and Love Life Naturally
Transformations to inspire…
This week a client walked into Feel Good Studio and we have watched her transform, it is interesting that when someone takes the decision to change and become healthy their whole life takes on new meanings and new beginnings along with confidence, health and their love for life becomes renewed. At the same time we received photo’s; for a wedding Dorota’s friends had transformed themselves after years of yoyo dieting they had found a method that worked which would change their lifestyle for ever! Diets for many are a dreaded and a long suffering pain where depriving themselves draws their energy. Lifestyle change is about pleasure and enjoyment with understanding of food and exercise and water and the love of movement of your body. Understanding the foods that nourish the body, becoming aware of posture and balance, simply breathing and taking control of life to include enjoyable exercise. Allowing your body to feel hungry to see detoxification and weight loss so that the muscles you are building become defined is more pleasurable than feel feeling overfed and bloated. Knowledge of the body and the foods that fuel and ignite it will inspire you to select healthy and delicious meals that are easily put into a lifestyle plan. As you become aware of how foods effect your mood and your body, an elimination diet of foods you are sensitive to will increase your energy and spirit.