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Alison Adams

For the past ten years I have had various back ailments from pinched nerves, sciatica and ruptured discs. I have stuck with a basic physio and exercise regime but my back was not getting any better, and I was resigning myself to another back surgery. At that time, I was referred to Feel Good Studio by my doctor. I went to the studio to physically see the space and to book my free initial trial session. The studio is bright with lots of windows and it is a pretty zen place. I had my trial session in early September with Caroline and since that date I have not looked back – I am completely hooked! I visit the studio 3 to 4 times per week for Powertone Pilates. These machines are amazing – they allow you to work as hard as you can or be a bit more relaxed. The machines provide support for my back letting my core do the hard work. I followed my doctor’s advice and maintained a regime of going regularly and often to visit the studio. I checked in after one month with my doctor and I could not stop raving about the studio and how much better I felt. My quality of life has improved as this is the best my back has felt in a long time. As an added bonus, my waist was 1 cm slimmer after the first month!
Thank you Caroline and Amanda!

Gary Raynor

Just another 'Feel Good' day.....I must admit I have always thought Pilates was just for women until I was at 'Feel Good Studio' on a work related matter and was offered the opportunity to have a try! This was about 6 months ago and I have been coming in weekly to do my Powertone Pilates ever since. I have found that as I am getting older, I have to really take more time out to include stretching into my fitness program and the Powertone Pilates really helps with the flexibility, while also helping me stay injury free. This alone is a win win for me. I have really seen the benefits from the sessions and have also invited my Mother and a few friends to join as well. The ease of scheduling my appointments and short duration of the sessions have really made it convenient for me to get in and out while feeling that I have accomplished the desired goal of maintaining and extending my range of motion and flexibility.

Thanks FEEL GOOD STUDIO....Gary Raynor....I.T.guy and winner the Masters Male Race

Beth Gosling

Caroline asked me to be a model for training in early September 2016. I had never heard of Powertone Pilates with Shapemaster Toning beds before and was curious to try something different. At this point in time,my exercise regime was limited due to chronic pain caused by an out of alignment sacroiliac joint( S.I.). I couldn't walk 50 yards without pain and gardening and housework always began with a couple of advils and I suffered for days afterwards. After only 3 circuits on the machines my S.I. joint was noticeably improved and now after 4 months of doing the machines regularly it doesn't bother me at all! I also noticed other benefits such as Improved Mobility, Straighter Overall Posture, Tighter Abs and noticeable Inch Loss and Muscle gain. I have, and will continue to recommend Feel Good Studio to all my friends and associates as the benefits are Real.......Beth Gosling - Real Estae Agent

Diana Martin

A few weeks before I learned of Feel Good Studio my hip joints were so painful that I was planning to make an appointment to see the doctor, sure that I would be needing a hip replacing (or two!) very soon. 

Then I started at Feel Good Studio. After only three sessions on the Powertone Pilates beds my hips were completely pain free, for the first time in Years!

I am not one to exaggerate, nor am I one to complain, and I had been suffering quietly with this severe hip pain for several months. I was so amazed at the sudden improvement. I hardly dared to believe it could last. I can now say that I have been going to Feel Good ( trying to make it at least three times a week, although I don't always manage to do so) since mid December and I have NO pain in my hip joints! I am hooked and recommend this to everyone I know!

Diana Martin, CEO/ED Bermuda Sloop Foundation s/v Spirit of Bermuda charity#545

Moira Goodman

I started Powertone Pilates in January 2017. I was experiencing pain in my side and this has helped greatly. I feel toned and my clothes fit better now. It is such a soothing place to get 35 minutes of exercise in.....Moira Goodman - Rock On Healthfoods

Julie Sylvester


The highest compliment I can give is the fact that I drive from St. George every day for one hour of peace, exercise, meditation and a dose of Caroline's good humor. I have adapted my schedule to accommodate this enjoyment and FEEL GOOD has changed my posture and lifestyle.  

and ... I always FEEL GOOD!

Silvie Rowlinson

I have been coming to Feel Good Studio since February 14th 2017. This has been an invaluable experience for me after breaking my elbow. I needed to get back into an exercise program and after 2 weeks I am more confident and see an improvement in my ability to perform as well as tone and mobility. I Love the freedom to come as I please.

Silvie Rowlinson...Relocation Manager

Joanne Ingham

What a wonderful way to start the day- no matter what time you go! The studio is always warm and welcoming with ladies enjoying their Pilates exercising.

Finally, I have found a way of exercising that has greatly improved my Posture, my Balance, my Self Esteem.  This method of exercising is the first one I have found that I am able to do comfortably yet fairly quickly finding wonderful results which is so rewarding!

Caroline Bartlett, the Beauty Therapist, is an absolute professional - not only making sure her clients are using the machines so that they get the best possible results for themselves, but doing it with a positive cheerful attitude always.

Feel Good Studio also offer you a series of Beauty Treatments - Facials, Massages, CACI Lifting Treatments and so much more given by Caroline - again professionally - promoting the fabulous THALGO marine line for all skin types.

I am delighted that I am now a Member of Feel Good Studio.  I look forward to my days beginning with my exercise class - and when I want to treat myself...a special treatment as recommended by Caroline.  Feel Good Studio is so different than so many of the Beauty Treatment centers offered in Bermuda.

Give it a try! I am sure it will only take you a quiet morning to know that you have found something special and even made a new friend in the meantime!..Joanne


Karen Levigne

I have been attending the Feel Good Studio since it opened in September 2016 and doing Powertone Pilates. Recently I was on a Cruise Ship and had an ID Body test. The private gym instructor told me during my test results that I have amazing core muscles and that I should continue doing whatever I am doing to keep them strong. He told me I have a six pack under my excess weight around my trunk! I then told him about the Powertone Pilates although he had never heard of it he told me to be sure to keep it up!!!....

Karen Levigne...Technical Support Team

Kathy Zuill

I started coming to Feel Good Studio in 2016 having suffered from Fibra Myalgia for 40 years and I notice a big difference when I come to the studio on a regular basis. Recently my hips were hurting as I have been away for 6 months and now after 3 sessions I am pain free in my hips again! 

Kathy Zuill ..... Artist & Interior Decorator